Automatically run workflow when file is added to ReTool Storage

Is there a way to run a workflow whenever a file is added (and targeting that file) to ReTool Storage?

Retool Storage

One way I can think of is to query the get files metadata endpoint and manage a copy of this in a retooldb table. In a workflow, you'd need to poll the get files metadata endpoint at some cadence to see if there's a diff b/w this and the state in retooldb, and for any new files - run the rest of the workflow to process this, and then add this to the table on retooldb and mark it as completed.

A simpler variant of this would be one where you'd check if there were any created files since the last time you ran the workflow, and then processing those. Whatever works for you.

I like that latter, better. Probably run the query once a day and filter by current date. Thank you!

It would be a nice feature in retool, as a trigger, to have "on file upload".

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Chiming in here as well! You could also add an event handler that is triggered on upload, depending on your current/ideal flow

Sorry for not sharing an update here, but we now have an event handler for Retool Storage uploads. Let me know if you run into issues with this!

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This all makes sense. I will give it a try. I appreciate your time and help.

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