Automatic update using new tables

Hi everyone,

I am attempting to get the new format tables to update immediately on cell edit, rather than having my operator click a button to commit the edits to the database. I can do this on the old format table just fine, but the change-handlers on the new table do not support 'cell change' as a trigger.

"Why don't you just stick to the old tables?" I hear you ask. Because the new table's variable row height function works just fine while the old one cannot be coaxed into giving me more that one line of text. On top of that, its only a matter of time before Retool deprecates the old tables and I don't want to be caught out!

After a long 'talk' with Bard we came up with this:

ON table2
INSERT INTO note (rgy, note)
VALUES (NEW.rgy, NEW.note);

I have a sneaking feeling that this would work just fine on a database table, but Retool is not happy about it when it is pointed at a display table.

In summary then, I need a way to get the new format tables to update their database fields immediately when a cell is edited by a user. The user should not have to do anything other than ammend the contents of the cell and navigate away.

Looking forward to your assistance...

The new table does still have Change cell as event trigger. For the button coming up asking to save change is the Add-ons "Save Actions", you can remove it from the Add-ons.

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Duh. Thank you. I was trying to get the functionality from the 'save handler' so didn't think of disabling it and using an event handler...