Automated Status Change after Send Out

Hello everyone,

I have the issue that I don't really know, how I could change the status of my content in the database, after it has been sent out.

I need to change the status to 'Gesendet' (in English: 'sended') make sure the content will not be selected again for a send out.

Maybe I need here aswell a loop combination?

Thank you in advance.

@Tess @victoria

Hi @Viktoria_Naumann

Thanks for posting! As we mentioned briefly in office hours, this use case could be solved with some custom loop code. You can toggle to the "Code" tab in the loop block instead of the "GUI" tab and modify the code as needed. You can create different functions for the different actions you want to trigger for each loop item.

In the below example, I trigger a function1 for each item in my loop, and depending on the result of that first function, I trigger another function for that same item:

This topic has some other ideas that may involve less custom code, such as triggering another workflow for each loop.