Autocomplete too 'aggressive and annoying'?

Am I the only one that finds the autocomplete is popping up and autoselecting when it shouldn't?
Given that hitting 'enter' auto-selects the autocomplete, it's firing all the time when I don't want it to.

For example, type {{ then return, and you've autoselected something.
start writing a lambda, like 'let y = (x) => (', and now return, and same thing.

I'm finding it frustrating. any way to tune this? Am I the only one suffering? How do the rest of you deal with this?


Personally I've gotten used to it, it still screws me up once in a while but I think the benefits far outweigh the errors. When navigating to something in dot notation specifically its a life saver to not have to go back and figure out which array something is in.

yes, it's useful, I won't deny that, and I definitely don't want it gone - It's just that I wish it

  1. Wouldn't pop up while I'm typing comments
  2. Would wait to start the autocomplete AFTER I've typed a couple valid characters, rather than popping up a list with EVERY option, hiding half the code.
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Yeah, you have touched on a common raw nerve amongst many devs these days since Intellisense, aka autocomplete is pretty ubiquitous.

I equally love and hate it in all of the platforms I use. Get used to hitting the Esc key a lot which closes the popup.