Auto-Restart Docker Containers

Occaisionally, we'll notice that our Retool containers will stop and need a manual restart (we think it could be related to storage-level backups via our VMWare environment, or some other lower-level process causing a strong enough "blip" to disconnect the containers).
I was wondering if it is ok to setup some automatic restart policies on the containers as per Docker's own guidelines (Start containers automatically)?
Is there anything I'd need to be careful of here? It mentions not using restart policies if there are already process managers running - not sure if that would be the case as we've used a default installation of Docker on Ubuntu.

Hey Dave!\

That seems fine to me. I'm going to ask the team to double check, but no red flags that I can think of.

Talk soon!


Thanks for looking into it, Victoria. J

Seems like no red flags for the team either! Our take is that process managers are referring to things starting/stopping processes outside of Docker, and just letting Docker make decisions with its own policies. Our default docker-compose setup has policies to restart the https-portal always and api, db, and db-ssh containers on failure.

Thanks @victoria. I'll get something setup on these and see if it resolves the issue.

Awesome. Let me know if you hit any snags! Hopefully all goes smoothly :pray: