Auto-hide sidebar drawer

In a lot of apps the sidebar is able to be collapsed to expand the main area but has a hover or small button on the side. Is that a possibility within Retool?

It seems as though we could make this work with the drawerFrame but as far as i can tell, that is only viewable on the right hand side.

Just noticed the new split frame which works for this use case.

Working, all from inside a module.

Here is the module code if anyone wants to use it.
The only thing to do on the app page is add the split frame and set the width equal to the modules width output and place the module inside the frame.

Button Nav - Vertical.json (39.3 KB)

Just made some changes so the widths are easy to edit.
Button Nav - Vertical (1).json (41.9 KB)


Great widget, @jason3w! Thanks for the time saver and sharing with all of us!