Authentication using third-party URL


We are facing issues while running a third-party authentication URL from retool.

  1. User has to authenticate by providing username and password using third party web url. On successful authentication, a token will be generated which can be used for further data retrieval using API. - How to do so?
  2. Alternately, if we store manual token into Retool Database, how can we use that token value in API building using variable?
  3. Session ID need to be updated/refreshed every 5 min, how can we achieve that?

We are new to the Retool and your help is highly appreciated.

Hi There -

I'm not exactly sure if this is what you are referring to since you mention third party authentication, but Retool has the ability to store variables (Javascript > Variable section)

Suppose you create a variable called token and store the value in there.. You can then refer to that variable later on in an authorization header like {{token.value}}

You can also have a query/API Call run periodically (see the advance tab of your code)

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