Auth0 authentication option

Im also curious about the Auth0 authentication option. Currently there is no mentioned of it on the API authentication docs: Configure API authentication | Retool Docs

It has fields for: Auth0 Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret but it's not clear which client it's expecting I use. Is this for an application, machine-to-machine, or Auth0 Management API? I don't see how I can use it to authenticate as a user using the usual Auth0 UI flow.

Why are you suggesting users use OAuth2.0 rather than the Auth0? Will it be deprecated soon?

@Bjorn_Hansen Sharing a related comment that hopefully sheds more light on your questions :slight_smile: It seems like the suggestion to use our OAuth2.0 option is because it can support use cases that aren't supported by the specific type of Auth0 authentication provided (Auth0 Client Credentials).


We don't have plans to deprecate this option. Hope the extra context Kayla shared helps! :crossed_fingers:

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