Auth on app using network


I have a dashboard application. I would like to view this dashboard in the Zoom rooms in our office. Using Zoom we can provide a url of a webpage that gets viewed on the screen like a kind of screensaver.

On the tv I can't login or anything. Is there a way to authenticate using network details or similar in this case?

There is no direct way of doing that in cloud hosted retool. you can do some hack to get that working if you were "on prem".
But in general, if your plan allows you to create public apps then making your app public would be the way to go

I do have to option of going public with my app in plan, but the limiting factor here is the sensitive info on the dashboard. :confused:

Hello @Usman_Shani!

As @Mahmoud mentioned above, unfortunately there is not a way to authenticate via network details for a Retool app on a TV. If you plan allowed you to build a public facing app there are a few options as you would have access to a sharable URL but from your last comment it sounds like that isn't an option either due to sensitive info.

Do you want to show your dashboard application live? If so, some smart TVs/Apple TVs allow for screen sharing/screen mirroring from your laptop/computer, to display your computers screen along with the app, you can read more about this on the zoom docs here

If you want to show a pre-recorded video of your app in use you could do so by creating a video on Vimeo or Loom, which most likely also require a paid account to create a sharable link that could then be put into Zoom to run similar to what you mentioned above with your screensaver example.