Audit Trail for Permission Group Changes

I am trying to identify what user made changes to a permission group. I see in the page: View user audit logs | Retool Docs, it seems that these group changes are being logged. However, I only see page views and query runs within the Audit Search.

We are on the Business Plan hosted by Retool.

Permissions were for Query Library which changed from "Use queries in apps" to "no access." Permission groups were "Universal App Applicant" and "Universal App Owner."

I need to know how these changed. No other groups changed.

Hey @Jennifer_Kemp! Taking a look here for you.

  1. That link is for querying the logs via SQL which is only available on self hosted deployments.
  2. Do you know about when the change occurred? Would be helpful to narrow down the search.


Hey @Jennifer_Kemp, took a look at this and the oldest logs we have where these resources were updated was on 3/5. We don't log the full body of the request, and don't have specific logs for any updates to that particular setting. If those weren't the initial changes, it's possible that the change occurred outside of our log retention window. Unfortunately, we don't have any further information to share. The eng team has plans to institute tighter audit logging, hopefully in Q2 of this year, which should give us greater insight into issues like this in the future.