Atlassian Jira OAuth issues?

  • Goal: Atlassian Cloud Jira resource stopped working in Retool within last few days.

  • Steps: The resource uses OAuth, which I've tried to reconnect multiple times. It's authorizing correctly, but dies on Atlassian's consent screen with a generic "Something Went Wrong" screen.

  • Details: This connection has been working flawlessly for over a year in Retool, but has now stopped working in the last few days. Anyone else having similar issues w/ Retool and Atlassian?



Is there a possibility that Atlassian made changes to their API or OAuth implementation that could be causing the issue?

Best way of pinpointing that its a Retool issue is if you have Atlassian integration in another platform to see if that one works. Alternatively, replicate the OAuth authentication flow using a tool like Postman or cURL to see if the issue persists outside of Retool.

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Hi Patrick,

Thank you for flagging this issue! It's being investigated by our on call engineers, so I'll let you know if I have any updates or follow up questions