Athena querhy fails with: Unexpected error occurred while running query

Hello ReTool Support Team,

I am encountering an issue with executing an Athena query within ReTool, specifically updating an Iceberg table. The same query executes successfully when run from the AWS console, but fails in ReTool with an error message.

Error Message: "Unexpected error occurred while running query."

Query Example:

UPDATE "refined"."netsuite_business_control_transaction_lines_latest_v1" SET "tag_job_id" = CAST('2' AS bigint) WHERE unique_key = 7187465


  • The table netsuite_business_control_transaction_lines_latest_v1 is an Iceberg table.
  • This table supports transactional statements.
  • The same update statement works flawlessly when executed directly from the AWS console.
  • The user keys used for the Athena resource in ReTool are the same as those used for running the query on the AWS console.

This suggests that the issue might be specific to how ReTool interacts with Athena or handles queries for Iceberg tables.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your guidance on resolving this issue.