Athena Connection

Hello there and thanks in advance to whoever will help me solve this!
I'm trying to get my Amazon Athena data in retool but somehow failing.
I'm sure "it's me and not you" but I just cannot find what I did wrong :frowning:

  • Goal: Athena Data in Retool

  • Steps:

  1. Set up Athena as resource
  2. Query data in workflow
  3. No data is shown + error message
  • Details:
  1. The connection test was successful but the query incurs in the error "TABLE_NOT_FOUND: line 2:6: Table 'awsdatacatalog.default.myTableName' does not exist"

  2. I believe it should not look in "default" but I don't know how to change this parameter (maybe I'm wrong)

  3. Credentials should be correct because I use them also in ODBC and they work

Do you know what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks for any help!!

Hey @Giulia_Cordua :wave:

Thanks for your patience on this question. If your run this query, you should be able to list which tables you have access to: SELECT * FROM information_schema.columns;. Read more on this Stack Overflow post.

Let me know if that helps! :+1: