Assistance Needed with ReorderableList Issues in ListView


I am writing to seek assistance with a challenge I'm facing in my application involving reorderableList within a listView. I have encountered an issue where the reordering functionality is not working as expected.

My objective is to reorder the items within individual lists. However, I've noticed that the reordering is not functioning correctly. It seems that the changes made to one list affect or are reflected in the first reorderableList (index 0) instead of the targeted list.

Here is the snippet of how I'm displaying the array in my reorderableList:

Capture d’écran 2023-12-15 à 17.44.50

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Kind regards,


Hi @squero Thanks for reaching out! It looks like we have a bug where the reorderable list doesn't work as expected in the listview when using the app in edit mode. However, our testing has shown that the reorderable list does work in a listview in end user mode. Can you confirm the same on your side? :crossed_fingers: I'll post here when the edit mode bug is fixed