Are there any tutorials or more detailed documentation available for the barcode scanner module?


I am trying to build a personal inventory mobile app and am trying to integrate the barcode scanner for custom barcodes. I have a separate device that allows me to print custom barcodes based on a custom list of unique IDs. So far I've been able to connect my list of barcodes to my Retool database, but I am having difficulty connecting the barcode scanner module. I've been able to place the scanner module on my mobile app but I don't know how to set it so that if I scan my barcode it will automatically pull up the item which I am scanning. Please note that I have limited javascript knowledge, so if there's any step-by-step tutorial available via YouTube or even in the documentation I would greatly appreciate it. If not, could someone assist me with the setup of this scan module?

For reference, my data table in my Retool database is named "test_cable_inventory" and the custom barcodes should reference the "id" field, which is a 6-digit number and is also the primary key for my dataset. I greatly, greatly appreciate any assistance or direction with this item.


Hey @ajf

Add a scanner compontent
Add a variable
Add an event handler to the scanner component to set the variable per screenshot
Use the variable in your db query or anywhere else you like

Let me know if you need more help