Applying custom app font from url


Has anyone ever managed to get this feature to work?

I want to supply a url with my font (so I am linking the google font share link). But there's no save button or anything - so I add a link, and nothing happens......

I've tried a few different links, but I never really manage to get my font loaded.
Has anyone else managed this?


Hi @maillme! Your import URL format looks correct -- under the hood all Retool does with this is add a line for @import url(<Your provided import URL>); in the CSS. In order to actually make the fonts use this imported font family you just have to supply the font family name that corresponds with whatever you've imported! I believe "Poppins" or Poppins should work here -- you can also include other font family names to use as backup in the same way font-family is supplied in CSS, e.g. Poppins, Helvetica, sans-serif

Thanks Mckenna,
Got it working.

Is there a way to use a different weight of the font in my app? Or is that through custom css some how>

thanks again

@maillme not yet (you'd have to use custom CSS), but native support is in the works!