App Routing with a Tabbed Container (url parameter)

I'm currently working on a project where I have a tabbed container interface. Right now, the URL structure to access a specific tab in this container includes the container's name and the tab's index key. For example, to access the 'Invoices' tab, the URL looks like this: /TabbedContainer#tab=invoices.

However, I would like to simplify this URL structure. Instead of the current format, I want to achieve a more direct URL that directly reflects the tab name. For example, for the 'Invoices' tab, I'd like the URL to be simply /Invoices.

Is there a way to configure the app routing in such a manner that it allows for this cleaner, more intuitive URL structure? Any guidance or suggestions on how to implement this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @sockpapi We don't support this yet, so I'm moving this to feature requests!

We are working on a project that will make building apps with different views easier and I believe the project will include some url customization options :crossed_fingers:

When do you expect that to be launched? @Tess

Most likely towards the end of Q2!