App not running my queries

When I use the app, is loading the frontend, but not the queries that should show the buttons. When I audit, is loading the app but not the queries.

Is happening to many of my users. They have a Samsung A14. We need the app to operate.

Hey @pedrowach! Happy to help here. Were your apps working before or are these new apps? And it sounds like many, but not all, your users are affected, is that correct?

Yes! The app was working before. Is not all users, just a few. They started with problems last friday. They open the app, but the query that should run is not running:

It should happens this instead:

Also, the last release I did on the app was a long time ago, so Its not related to a change on the app itself

Very strange! Would you mind sharing some screenshots of the queries that aren't running properly? Are they supposed to run automatically/on page load?

The queries are executed on the page load automatically

Great. So for certain users, no queries at all are running, even queries that are set to run automatically on page load.

Out of curiosity, if you put a button to trigger this query and the users click the button, does it successfully trigger the query?

I just did a test with one of my users


Added the button, but even with the button triggering the query is not working. It seemed to be a problem with the query

Thank you for testing that. Does a regular select * from table query work for the affected users? I wonder if it has something to do with the extra parameters in your query

No query is working, but its strange, for one of my users (that had a problem) is working fine now. Very unpredictable

Very strange indeed. Do you know of any trends between the affected users? I know you mentioned Samsung A14, but curious if they have any common locations, system versions, etc.

-Iphone is working well. No problem registred.
-Each of the users affected are in different locations across de Country.
-I realized that the problem started last week, last friday to be specific. May be related to any update of the app?
-I provide a different app to my users to test. And its the same problem across apps.

Thats the only trends I have :frowning: . Some users are still having problems.

Thank you for sharing all of that! I still haven't quite been able to reproduce the issue with my team, but I was wondering if the affected devices could load a very simple app (one query and one button, for example)?

Sometimes is still happening, but after a while it starts to run (the querys). Right now is not happening so I cannot test, but I'll let you know

I tried today to load a simple app with just one query and one button, but it didnt work.

Right now I asked my users to dowloand this version com.retool.retool 12-15-2023 (1966).apk - Google Drive which I saw in a different post.

Its working well but is not solving the original problem. Thank you!

Just to update for anyone in the future with a similar problem. A different admin in my company limited the resource permission. So my users couldnt use the database to trigerr the querys. That seemed to be the original problem.