App not refreshing when URL params are updated

Hey guys,

I am working on a CRM like app for my business. You can imagine I have one app full of contacts that has a button which opens a new app, 'Donor', where I can see all the specific information pertaining to that one person. The 'Donor' page takes a url param 'id' to identify the specific donor and pull their unique information.

I have a built a pagination tool using a pageInput module to allow me to quickly work through lists of people. When the pageInput changes, I have it set to reopen the same app, 'Donor' with a different url param 'id'. I've confirmed that everything works as intended.

However, while the link changes in the url, the global {{}} value doesn't change. I can't refire my queries to get the next person's data, as all my queries take {{}} as input. Right now, I'm getting around it by having the pageInput tool open a link where I manually append the new 'id' value and force the page refresh. However, this approach is clunky and not preferred.

Does anyone have ideas?

@monster99d Welcome to the forum!

Can you share some screenshots of what the app/url looks like...etc.?

Just want to add that you might try setting the URL's hash parameters! There are some docs here on how to set them via the UI.