App linked and override the current App state

i have been working with retool for developing an admin dashboard panel, i have made 2 screens and add restapis and mongodb queries as a resource for these two screens, I have no any idea about redirections in retool so i was trying to do so, i have made a sidebar and in one of the link i made it linked with some other app in my retool account, it redirects me to the app but now my current app state is over riden by the redirected app, i have lost all the data of my old app!
in app listing i have my current working app but when i click on it for editing it shows me some other app that i have redirected to!
what should i do?
i want to recover my app

Hi @Ali_lqbal Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you lost data from your app :disappointed: One option is to revert the app to a version prior to making this change by using the history url param, as described by Kabirdas here

Hope it helps! :crossed_fingers: