App IDE Parity to Workflows IDE

I've been spending much more of my time working (editing) workflows lately but in the last week I've come back to Apps and have hit a couple of challenges I'd like to pass back please:

Output format:

  • In Workflows you can see data - which provides a grid in the case of a 2D array or JSON
  • In Apps you just get the JSON
  • It would be nice to have the same IDE experience for Apps as I do with Workflows please. I often find myself throwing a dummy table into my App JUST to be able to see and understand the output of a query/transformer

Run control:

  • Workflows has a step by step run control. Super easy for debugging
  • Apps (generally) all run at once
  • I've lately had a couple of instances where my app is crashing or in an infinite loop and I can't seem to stop it to debug the error.

Really appreciate you documenting this feedback, @mawdo81 I do think we'll integrate Workflows and Apps a bit more this year, but I'm not sure about specifics yet :blush: I am sharing this feedback with the right internal teams

To your point with the dummy table, it might be faster to use the state tab to inspect your query results (but it still requires a few clicks!)

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I do use state a fair bit when building, but where there is complex logic in JS its often more useful to see a range of results at once, hence the use of tables