App "failed to move to trash" error

Hello - I created an app from a database as shown in the screenshot. After mapping the fields and finishing the import, both the app editor and viewing come up as blank screens. Even the retool nav is missing. I repeated the process and the same thing happened. The db connection works and I have other retool apps functioning off the same server.

When I tried to delete either of the apps, I got a quick flash of an error message that said "failed to move to trash".

Any feedback much appreciated.

Hi @Studio28 thanks for reaching out!

Very strange :thinking:

The Failed to move to trash error could come up if you only have use permissions on the app now or if there is already an app in the trash/archive with the same name. Any chance either of those are true?

So far, I haven't been able to reproduce this issue. Are you on Cloud?

Hi Tess - thanks for the feedback. I did have a file of the same name in the trash, so I renamed the live one and was able to trash it.

Glad to hear! Marking as 'solution' even though this is really more of a bug - we have a request on file to change the error message