App does not show latest changes to App on same branch


We have one branch with an App which is using a Module, but changes to the Module aren't reflected in the App:

  • Image 1 Module: with hardcoded text "v0.0.1"
  • Image 2 App: doesn't show the text (app is open in the same branch as the module, pages refreshed)
  • Image 3 App: the commit history on the edit App screen shows changes were committed to the Module, they just aren't applied

Anyone know why?

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Self host or cloud? Did you tried to publish app again with a new version?

Self hosted. I've not tried to publish a new version, to do so I would need to change to the main branch. I'll give it a go, but if that does work, it would seem strange to me that committing to the branch isn't enough.

Hey @jwebstar! Can you share what version of Retool you are using? With Multi-element branching this should show the changes in the app when it's on the same branch as the module.

  • Retool version 3.18.1