App distribution for monetization

I am building a salesforce specific app on top of retool that I would like to distribute to some clients. This is possible my clients have the same issue and as such, the retool solution is portable.


  • how can I package up the app so that I can distribute it
  • i assume that my users would simply purchase retool and i send them the app artifacts to somehow deploy
  • is anyone else doing this? Basically building commercial solutions on top of retool? It would be incredibly useful to provide such capabilities so that app developers can use retool as a platform, setup licensing costs, send app usage metrics to posthog, etc
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Hey @internalapps - we are doing something similar (although not working with Salesforce).

Plan is to create an organisation for each customer and then create their users within those organisations.

We'll continue to be admin - no need for customers to purchase Retool.


This would really take "App Marketplace" to new heights, if you had a Module marketplace!