App changes are not saving

I have been using retool for couple of months now and during this period I have seen, multiple times, that whatever changes I made in the app, it vanishes after I open the app in editor mode later then I had to do all of those again. It happens even if I save the app using Ctrl+S. Now Whenever I made any changes I had to keep a backup so that I can restore it later. It happened twice today. It's frustrating.

Is there any reason this is happening. Any solutions or hack to make it stop?

Apart from that maybe being a bug, I would say two major things that lead to this type of issue are:

  • Watch out for multiple edit tabs on your browser, as the one with the last changes will write over everything else. The last tab you close, saves the version. Never leave the app open in a tab on your browser when you are not editing it.

  • Make sure you are the only one currently working in the editor as multiple edits from multiple sessions can overwrite the changes.


@Milan_Kalem Thanks for replying. I am the only one who edits the app. But I will try not to leave the app open in editor mode if I am not editing to test if this a possible reason.
Have you faced something like this?

I have faced having multiple instances of the same app in the editor, and doing the most of the work in tab 1, and after a while making an edit in tab 2 and publishing the version in tab 2 which can disregard changes in tab 1, if that makes sense.


Sorry to hear this! :disappointed:

This post might be helpful as well!

@Tess Thanks for sharing this, got more options to troubleshoot. But I think, for my case at least, it's happening whenever the app is open in edit mode but no changes is being made for some times. But another thing is some components that are hidden tends to change their position automatically. This also happens when the app is kept open for some minutes but not doing editing. Quick fix for this was to check the box for maintain space when hidden.

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:thinking: Is it in the historyOffset when you notice that changes are gone after a period of inactivity?