App abruptly crashes on Refresh, Preview - unable to Revert

Hi team,
I have been working on a dashboard application and since yesterday it abruptly crashes upon some save, refresh or preview. None of the components finish loading. After this, I am unable to revert to an older version that I knew works (it shows "loading" for a long time before disappearing and no difference in output). The only thing that has been working was Importing a much much older version I had exported to JSON a couple days ago. Any new intermittent versions I export now don't work either.
I initially thought it may have been because of some changes I made, because I was working on a chart when the first crash happened, however, after that it has happened randomly when I refreshed the page after coming back to it, or when I clicked Preview.
On the browser console, I see this error:

DOMException: Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'Window': #<Promise> could not be cloned.

I am unable to determine what's causing the crash and how to recover. I am on the free plan and it shows 90/100 blocks used. This happens only to one app, the other apps and modules seem to be working fine.

Hi @janhavisathe-symbl welcome to the community! Interesting that this is only happening with one app; I'll escalate this internally and you should hear back from us soon.

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Hi @janhavisathe-symbl** **Happy to help here! This definitely could be the result of an edit made to the app. Have you made any edits to the app since this first started happening?

@everett_smith After this started happening, I've basically just been trying to restore the app. I was not able to revert to any of the recent changes that had been working previously, but I am able to import a much older version from JSON, and I marked this as Base0 release.
From that version, I have modified either the data or the formatting of almost all components to try to get to my "final version", i.e. the version right before crash. I got 80% of the way to the "final version" but it still crashed on preview. Then I was again not able to revert to a previous release or history version, not even the Base0. I was not able to import from the new 80% of final JSON either. Only the old version worked.
Second time I didnt make as many changes, I deleted the query & transform I was using and manually entered some dummy data and changed one chart, not completely, just some of the changes that I knew had been working before. It's just a line chart and my custom changes through plotly are just stuff like changing background color, axis title colors etc. This was 100% working before but this time even with just this, everything crashed on Preview, it went into perpetual loading state with the same error on console as I mentioned in my original post..

@janhavisathe-symbl Okay thank you for that additional context! Would you be able to write into Support directly for help with this issue?

I am having a similar issue with abrupt browser cash. Demonstrated to @victoria on today's user call and provided documentation offline. It often follows a row_select which triggers api download of pdf image. The pdf was 322kb. Upgrading the pdf viewer component to the latest did not. Bypassing the pdf viewer does not seem to help. The row select triggers a java script which triggers a query with 10 second timeout. It tends to crash within a second. The crash occurs rarely but predictably when certain records are selected. This issue has occurred a few times in the past. Chrome will give Status Breakpoint. Another user in a different location had the identical error. I believe the last time this occurred I shared it with @Kabirdas and he was able to replicate the behavior

Hi @lee_walter, Could you share the code in the queries and a sample file that causes the browser to crash?

sent it to some of your colleages. if you like DM me and I will elaborate