API for End Point from Retool


I am building a quote generation tool on retool and I am done making it, I wanted to generate API for all endpoints so that I can connect it to webflow (front end)

  1. Renewal Quote
  2. Fresh quote generation API
  3. List of Cities in an API
  4. Stage 0 data API - POST (Name, email, city_id as input)
  5. API for Insurance TYPE, Maternity Cover, AVg employee age,
  6. PUT API, (id, extra payload) to update stage 1 data including avg employee age, type of coverage and all.
  7. Same PUT API for mobile number.
  8. API call to trigger OTP SMS. Then we store it somewhere
  9. Verify OTP API
  10. Quote Generation API - Returns Quote and user details
  • Renewal Case API
  • Policy expiry date (Post API), returns ID.
  • Mobile number on next step to store the number.

Can anyone help me with this it would be of great help thanks (This is the first time I am using retool)

Hi Sanil! Welcome to Retool šŸ˜Š

Have you seen Retool's API generator yet?

You can also easily connect to basically any API from Retool to grab your data. See here for more connecting to a REST API in Retool!

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