API authentication by certificate with private key

Our API provider is offering only certificate based authentication. How Resource API should be configured to support *.p12 certificate with private key and password?


Hey there :wave: Unfortunately we don't support this method of authentication right now. Can I ask what API provider this is? Happy to write up a feature request for this functionality :slightly_smiling_face:

@lauren.gus hey there, any update on this issue? have an important use case that needs this functionality.

Hey @alexft, no updates on this as of now. This is still not possible, but I've bumped the Feature Request with your +1. We can update you here as we get any additional information to share.

Hi @alexft, just to understand the ask more, can you describe how you expect this authentication mechanism to work? I assume you'll provide us a *.p12 cert file, private key & password. Is this based on MTLS authentication?

Hi @Harry_Doan, I would say something similar to how the Client Certificates work in Postman. We would specify the Host URL, path to the certificate file (in Retool Storage for example) and the password.