Anyone working with automated web testing of an app?

Does anyone have experience using an automated web tester for testing Retool apps?

I know there is a Retool testing beta, but it appears to only work OnPrem.

Hey Brad! We've actually used ("a no-code E2E testing platform that allows users to write tests without understanding the underlying code base") internally in the past. And FWIW, we're still planning on building/improving/releasing Retool testing at some point, hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:

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A quick update from our team working on Testing in Retool!

We're currently working on an integration with Cypress. This will provide a test mode with stable test-ids to make it possible to write end-to-end tests in Cypress (and other compatible web drivers).

We'll have docs available to guide through the process.

Hi Victoria, do you have a rough timeline for when this work might be released? We're interested in setting up a more comprehensive CI/CD pipeline and this integration seems like it's what we're looking for.

Hey @Milo! I don't think we have a set timeline just yet, but for a rough timeline, I think it's safe to say sometime next year :wink:

In the meantime, if you have any answers to these questions, it would be helpful as we shape our new testing feature!

  • How are you QAing apps today?
  • What is most important for you to test in your apps?