Any way to get around webcam focusing issues?

I am having an issue slowing my workflow down. I am building a mobile app that relies heavily on scanning barcodes, however my laptop and desktop webcams absolutely suck at scanning barcodes, namely because they wont focus on up close items or take a long time to do so, at minimum it takes 30 seconds of waiting just to get a scan, sometimes it doesn't work at all and I have to refresh the project on my phone to test, but my access to development stuff is limited on mobile so I often have trouble debugging when I take this route.

I cant be the only one who has run into this issue, so I'm coming to the forum to see what people have done to get around it. is there a way to essentially fake a scan and manually input a barcode? should I print out a bunch of giant page sized barcodes?

I'm facing delays with barcode scanning on my laptop and desktop webcams while developing a mobile app. Any tips to speed up the process? Can I simulate scans or manually input barcodes for testing? Considering printing oversized barcodes, any thoughts?