Any ready made themes available?

We just upgraded our self hosted retool and the default colors for buttons are now horrid. I want to add a theme, but I am no good at design. Are there any ready made themes out there?

Do you mean the standard button component itself? It uses the Primary colour of your app, by default, which is that corporate looking blue. If you've not already played around with the App Theme you might want to try there and then pick a button colour that ties into your chosen theme.

Colour palettes are quite subjective and finding one that fits your brand styling, meets any requirements for readability, and looks nice can be quite tough! :slight_smile: I'm also not sure there's a way to import themes into Retool anyway.

If you have some guides as to what colours your brand uses and maybe what the App looks like we can probably suggest some colours

Thanks, I worked something up based on my company's colors.

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