Annotation and Collaboration (Cord Integration?)

I just tried out retool and it's pretty cool, but I wanted to see if there was a way for users to annotate and comment on designs together. I found an article and a forum post about integration with, but the instructions there do not seem to work and seem out of date. Does anyone know if cord and retool still work together. If not is there any other way for users to markup or add comments retool screens without having to do so in a separate app?

Hey @aaw Retool doesn't provide any functionality to support live collaboration or annotation of Retool apps at the moment. BUT our engineering team is working on a Beta feature to support collaborative editing within Desktop apps. You can sign up to join the closed Beta here if you're interested in trying it out!

Separately, I'm having a hard time finding a Cord Chrome plugin. It appears to have been removed :person_shrugging: I've reached out internally to request that we take down that outdated blog post!