Alternate labels for multiselect component

Unless there's already a way to do this that I'm missing...

Have an alternate label for selected items in a multiselect box.
eg in this drop down I want to see the full descriptions but once picked I only need to see the first 20 characters or even some other label entirely
Currently the same label is used in the drop down as the "tag-style" items in the picker list which, in my experience, can be quite lengthy and I would like to be able to truncate these or even define them as different properties entirely

Hello, i don't think is it possible without changing the same label that is being used


Agreed, I couldn't find a way to edit the selectedLabels property or to do it in an elegant way :frowning:

Hey @dcartlidge! I've submitted a feature request for this. I'll update you here as I get any additional information :grin: