AlloyDB connectivity from Retool

  • Goal: Connect my AlloyDB cluster to Retool to be used various apps.

  • Steps: The AlloyDB cluster is hosted in Google Cloud in my default VPC. Google provides extensive documentation on how to connect to the cluster from outside of the VPC however it seems like none of the options would work easily with Retool.

  • Details: In our case we have set up a socks5 proxy server in our VPC and use the specified GCP commands:

ALL_PROXY={our_socks5_public_ip} ./alloydb-auth-proxy "projects/project-id/locations/us-central1/clusters/alloydb-test/instances/alloydb-test-instance"

I have seen the AlloyDB connection docs from Retool as well however I believe it assumes that the instance is publicly accessible which is not the case in a hosted GCP AlloyDB cluster.

Curious to know how others have connected to AlloyDB from Retool?

Hi @nketkar, we are happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:
Are you on Retool Cloud or Self Hosted?
Connecting to AlloyDB should be pretty straight forward by creating a Resource. Could you provide us with any errors you are seeing?