Allow setSort of a table to sort on multiple columns

Hi, I believe as of now for a table you can use setSort({ columnId: a, direction: "asc"}) to sort a table via scripts. However, I would like to be able to sort by multiple columns. I.e., sort by column a first, then column b. If I'm not mistaken, setSort only parses the first object passed to it. You can pass setSort({ columnId: a, direction: "asc"}, {columnId: b, direction: "asc"}), but the second object is not processed.

Hi @ryan_c! This is a great callout. I've filed a ticket internally for us to support this functionality.

Also just wanted to point out in case you haven't seen this yet -- the Table toolbar now supports a "sort" button that you can use to configure multiple sorts on an end user basis! You can also shift + click the column headers to add additional sorts. But yes it seems there currently isn't a way to control the sort via scripts so stay tuned for updates there.

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Hi @mckenna, Thank you for the suggestion! I'll look into it in the meantime :+1:

Following up here -- array support in setSort will be available in the 3.47 release (likely going out tomorrow)! So you should be able to write a script like

table.setSort([{ columnId: 'role', direction: 'desc'}, { columnId: 'name', direction: 'asc'}])
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