Allow Insert Emojis in Rich Text Editor

This is common behavior now in most rich text editors. Even THIS editor that I'm currently writing in supports adding emojis directly in the Rich Text area. Is there a way to do that without the user having to know shortcuts to pull up the special characters menu?

Hey @shawnhoffman, unfortunately, there isn't a way to do this in the current Rich Text Editor without the user knowing the keyboard shortcut to bring up the menu. I've attached this request to an internal ticket we have tracking updates to this component.

Currently the only other workaround would be to use a Custom Component to import a RTE JS library that would allow you access to the configuration controls to enable that functionality.

I'll definitely update you here as I get any additional information on the status of that internal ticket.

Thanks for the update @joeBumbaca

We've had some issues trying to use custom components as we are embedding retool into our current app. Apparently the embedding presents several obstacles.

Is that accurate or should we be able to use custom components even when embedding without any issues?

@shawnhoffman There shouldn't be any restrictions on the Retool side. Embedded apps should be able to contain custom components without issue. Can you share what trouble / errors you were getting?

Hey @joeBumbaca,

Not too long ago, we were told that the new custom components (v2) did not (yet) support embedded apps.

Has that changed? We're happy to give it another shot if that functionality is now available!

@shawnhoffman I don't believe that the V2 (Beta) component has had any updates in that regard. The original custom component should still follow these guidelines:

We do support custom components within Embedded apps, and most should work without any adjustments. However, your custom component will need to be resilient to being run inside of a doubly nested iframe (the embedded app is run inside of an iframe, and the custom component within that is run within a second iframe).

Gotcha - thanks for the added details, Joe.