Allow dynamic setting of "Show a confirmation modal before running" option

For many settings across components, we have the powerful ability to dynamically determine whether they're on or off — such as via checking other components' values, some logic in Javascript, etc.

But we cannot do this for the "Show a confirmation modal before running" query option under Advanced; it can only be on or off via a checkbox.

This would be nice because in our apps we have queries where, given the underlying data to be POSTed, we'd like an extra layer of confirmation protection. And then we have some — such as for test resources — for which we don't need to bother the user with an extra layer of friction.

A workaround is to have two versions of the same query, but with the only distinction of having one with confirmation, one without. But that seems cumbersome.

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Hi @dguzzo thanks for this feedback! That makes sense. I'm sharing this feedback internally as well :pray:

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I'll post here when we're able to ship this feature

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Sounds good, thanks @Tess !