Allow access the Browser Crypto API within retool queries

The Web Crypto API is a newer JS standard api to enable secure application development within JS environments with standard cryptographic APIS. However, it seems to not be usable within retool transformers, or js queries.

I am trying to access the built-in browser primitive for generating hashes. I want to use a users email hash as the seed for a consistent random sort. According to the MDN docs for generating a hash, I should be able to do something like below, but the following code is unsupported in a retool transformer:

const email = {{ }}

async function digestMessage(message) {
  const encoder = new TextEncoder();
  const data = encoder.encode(message);
  const hash = await crypto.subtle.digest("SHA-256", data);
  return hash;

return digestMessage(email)

Could this API be enabled within retool, or documentation provided on how to use it within the retool context?

Hey Glen! Are you looking for something like this?