Algorithm management in Retool

Hi everyone !

I would like an advice to integrate and manage a simple algorithm/ calculation system implemented in the back of my application.

What I would like to do is to change some variables or elements from Retool.

Let me show you an exemple : I'm working on a fantasy football game. So for example, in the back you will have some events like :

  • "Goal" = 5 points,
  • "pass" = 1 point,
  • etc.

And what I want to do is to manage the points for example and have the possibility to change it.

Is there any way to build like a table or to get some inputs on Retool to get these data and change it ?

thank you for your time, and don't hesitate to propose if you have any ideas.

kind regards,


Hi @Harry27 Thanks for posting this! I'm interested to hear from our community!

If you don't already have a place to store the points data, you may want to check out Retool Database. Retool apps don't inherently save data unless you connect a resource (such as Retool Database, another database, or an api), so that is one piece of your use case.

Additionally, Retool supports Javascript inside of {{}}, so that could come in handy for coding up your algorithm/calculation.

Here's one quick idea with the table component & Retool Database. When the user clicks add goals, it triggers an addGoalQuery that updates the underlying database. Then, the database re-triggers a get request & the table is updated. I'm using a custom column to calculate the total score with Javascript, but you could also do this on the resource side:

Does this seem to be along the lines of what you're hoping to code up?