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Looking for a way to create this kind of dialog popup screen in Javascript:
Screen Shot 2024-01-29 at 14.48.37

I have a JSquery that I need to run on page load (which I have accomplished), but I need to force it to run a "alert" popup with a clickable action (not just the utils.showNotification() box).

I have tried:{
    title: 'Reminder',
    description: 'a description',
    actions: {
      OK: 'test',
      CANCEL: 'test1'
    notificationType: "alert",
    duration: 5    

But I'm not finding any documentation on anywhere and not sure the proper syntax. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey @leviself56, unfortunately you can't open an alert from a JS query. If the notification doesn't meet your needs (ie: clickable action), then you'll probably want to open a modal.

You can add any component you need to the modal to complete the required actions. They are also able to be opened / closed programmatically from the JS query with and modalFrame.hide().