AI Generated Workflow Overwrites Existing Code

Just used the AI workflow generator, hoping to leverage my existing workflow code and simply append the rest to the end.

Unfortunately, clicking "Generate" just overwrote my entire workflow, and there is no option to undo or discard the generation...

I hadn't deployed yet, and I don't see any version history otherwise (as I would in apps). Is there any chance of recovering the previous code, or is it just gone?

Is this expected behavior, by the way? Seems like a major issue to not at least include a warning.

For anyone that ends up with the same issue: if you're on the Business plan or above, you're possibly in luck with inspecting your audit logs.

Go to Audit Logs and inspect each one manually for the query, and you'll get a stringified version of the code block. This would require you to have run your workflow at least once, or the workflow blocks manually. If you had a lot of code, it's probably not gonna be fun.

Hopefully we get a big "WAIT ARE YOU SURE?" popup in the future before generating a workflow, though :slight_smile:

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Hi @matei, we are happy to hear you were able to get your code back by checking the audit logs!

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