AdditionalScope passed to Query Trigger in Javascript Query returning Undefined

I have a custom Javascript query were I am trying to fire off a Resource Query from. I am a passing the additionalScope function to the query.trigger method but when the request is fired off its saying the parameter I passed to the additionalScope object is undefined.

Any guidance on this would be helpful.

Thank you

Hi @bcoden!

Here to look at this with you, would you mind posting screenshots of your JS query as well as the query you're triggering so that I can get a full picture of your setup?




  1. I have a method I am using to make the secondary query call
  2. This is called from another query
  3. Returns concatenation of all of results from quries

Thanks for the screenshots! Is console.log(_domain) logging undefined or are you seeing it show up as undefined elsewhere?

@Kabirdas no. the only place the domain is undefined is in the domainHostLookup which is being passed through from the loop, I can see the domain in the loop iteself

this is the console(_domain)

Hmm... nothing is jumping out at me from what you've posted. If you don't mind us taking a closer look at your app to investigate would you mind writing into support through intercom?