additionalScope for JS Query

Can I use additionalScope to pass parameters / data to a javascript query? I want to run a simple script:

    additionalScope: {
      newMemoFromForm: 'Hi Howie'

jsqSaveMemo is a javascript query that will do some manipulation of the additionalScope data and then save it to the DB.

In the jsqSaveMemo, I have this test code:

console.log( {{newMemoFromForm}} );

Throws all kinds of errors in the browser console.

Hi @haj,

you don't need the {{ }} in your JS query :v:

That should do it.

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Agreed! The syntax looks correct otherwise, so I'm guessing that'll solve it :+1:

Related to this use case, .trigger() can be used in JS queries & run script events - but cannot be used in transformers

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