Additional attributes for video player

At the moment, the following attributes are available fro the video player component:


But you can only set .playing and .playbackRate and .videoUrl programmatically. It would be great if more properties were available and more properties could be set programmatically. Specifically, to have .currentTimeStamp to be set-able, so one can change the timestamp of the video programmatically; to add a non-settable .length parameter and .frameRate parameter, so one can retrieve the video length and frame rate.

My particular use case is to code audio and video files for research. Basically, we film research participants from their web cameras as they are doing something (e.g. navigating a website) and then, going frame-by-frame, or milisecond-by-milisecond, code their looking behavior to reveal what captures their attention.

At the moment, Retool handles a few aspects of this process really well: you can generate a signed URL to view the confidential videos, you can view the s3 videos and get the current timestamp from within retool. However, s3 videos are not able to incremented by a value smaller than a few seconds (using the arrow key moves ~2seconds forward or back). This makes retool unusable for us for this purpose. Allowing .currentTimeStamp to be set-able would fix it (we could add a button to increment they video by 1 millisecond). So would allowing the video player itself to increment videos by 1 frame (as YouTube videos can do) rather than being fixed at ~2 second increments.


*Note that YouTube videos CAN be incremented by frame with keyboard shortcuts, but we aren't able to post confidential participant videos on YouTube.

There is an extended react-video-player-extended with the ability to seek by frame. I'm going to try to create a custom component as a work around...

Hi @kschuler! This is now possible with the update Video component! We've added a seekTo(seconds) API available in Event Handlers and JS Queries, along with a read only duration property.

@garrett -- THANK YOU! Wow I totally missed this and I am now so excited. :slight_smile:

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