Addition of numericalinput fields


built a CRUD system so moving onto what i thought would be easy and i just feel im missing something!

I have 3 fields. all numberinput

i am trying to sum the input in VAT and Net into the Gross but keep getting this error


Any help will be appreciated.



Found the solution :smiley:

you have to create Javascript transformer with the formula you would like to use i.e.

return {{Net_Total_Amount.value}} + {{VAT_Total_Amount.value}}

then put the transport code i.e {{ Calculate_Total_Gross.value }} into the default value of the numerical input

Hey @MewWales nice that you were able to find a solution!

You can also try using {{Net_Total_Amount.value + VAT_Total_Amount.value}} in the default value field.

Curly braces allow you to write entire JS expressions using the values of your components, otherwise, fields tend to interpret what you write as a string.

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