Adding tables dynamically based on query results

Hi all. I notice that Tables cannot be included in list views. What is a good workaround to achieve something like this?

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

  • Each task in a project has a category
  • Each project will have a different set of categories
  • I want to show the tasks in a project broken up by category (basically a separate table for each category)

How would I accomplish this?

Are you asking as to how you would write the query? Structure the database? OR add components in Retool?

@ScottR Hi Scott. Thanks for your response. I'm trying to understand if it's possible to dynamically add components (specifically tables) in a Retool app based on what is returned in the query.

I'm trying to achieve something similar to Airtable's "group by" feature... Display 1 table per Category without knowing ahead of time how many Categories there will be.

I thought I could accomplish this using List Views, but tables cannot be added in a List View.



Hey there :wave: Unfortunately dynamically adding components is not currently possible. One workaround here would be using logic that sets hidden to true and then false based on a rule you set.