Adding color to mapbox Boundingbox

Working on adding a mapbox component with simple boundingbox arrays for a zipcode, and i want to be able to have each zipcode be a different color.

Is this possible? Right now it seems i could only add a single layer?

In my snip above, how could i create a 'box' from those 4 points, and then also have it be 'filled in'?



Hi @msd5079

Thanks for your question!

I know that for polygons, you can use dynamic styling in the GeoJSON Layer styling field of the component:

However, it sounds like your use case is a bit more complex. Many users find that a custom component map allows them to use more features than the ones natively supported by our mapbox component. I think that is worth exploring for your map

We have a feature request to add the layer system to our component, which I've added this ticket to. I don't have a timeline yet, but if we ship this feature, I'll post on this thread :sunglasses: