Adding a table prefix to all queries

We recently moved our database from a standalone postgres instance to AWS RDS.
However, the new tables on RDS have a staging. prefix as we're using them as staging.

Is there a way to specify this prefix on all queries across all our apps? Or through the connection itself?
We currently have multiple apps and tons of queries so thinking of a simpler way to do this.

Hey @lsv unfortunately if the table name changed (ie: prefix is added), there isn't a way to update all those references in apps in the connector or in the UI.

One idea, that is slightly less manual would be to use a find and replace feature on the JSON exports of the apps. This does require you to know what tables are referenced in each app, but lets you replace all references to each table in the app at once.

Editors like VSCode have a pretty good feature that would allow you to look at the JSON for each app, make those changes and then import the modified JSON into your instance with the updated references.