Add Totals Row to Table

Hey, I'm trying to add a totals row to my table:

and I want it to show the sum (or average) for all columns.
I saw the feature of adding a totals row through the add-ons, but for some reason I don't have this option:

also, I would want it to calculate the totals for only the selected rows (and if none are selected, then for all of them)

Would love some help here :pray:


  1. I think your using the legacy table? Upgrading to the new table component gives you access to the summary row addon.

  2. Not sure how the summary statistics could be calculated based on selected rows. Alternatively you could add filters to the tables (as dropdowns or selects) and filter rows you want the aggregates for?

thanks!! how can I upgrade??

In components, choose the "new" table component.

all right I'll try that, thanks!