Add support for Datadog API v2

Datadog now has a v2 api but retool only supports v1.

Datadog defaults all its documentation to v2 now and I'm unable to find any documentation regarding datadgo api v1, so it's hard to work with the resource in retool.

Also FYI in the retool interface, this link is broken:

it's pointing to /logs/guide/collect-multiple-logs-with-pagination

Hey @jordie! It looks like our team is currently in the works of setting this up for V2. I've this conversation thread to the ticket to be notified on an update! In the meantime, recommend that you use an Open API resource or REST API resource to connect to V2 API.

Hi @jordie! Just wanted to let you know that Retool now supports Datadog V2 endpoints! Here's a screenshot of what this looks like from the resource page:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face: